About Antonello della Mura

Project Dionysus

The project Dionysus was born on 2011, inspired by the discovery of an ancient Roman Villa on the beach of Positano near Antonello della Mura’s boutique. The excavations of the Villa unearthed marvellous brightly colored frescoes: seahorses and cupids were finely transferred, togheter with paintigs from Pompeii and Herculaneum,on precious hand finished silk from Como. The Pompeii Theater with its scenery and the initiations of the virgins from Villa dei Misteri, communicate, through Antonello’s scarfs, the archetype of the “Indestructible Life” wich represents Dionysus.


Love, Joy, Pleasure, Immortality.
A sensory journey that continues with Diapasmata Pompeianum, an aromatic potion found in the ancient city of Pompeii that parfumes the scarfs with the original recipe.


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